Kim Soko Schaefer

Purpose Driven Consultant


I’m an explorer. I grew up getting lost, a lot, but always found my way home. I have a strong internal compass that guides me to where I should be. I was born in California to New Yorkers, raised in the Midwest, lived and worked all over the world and currently call Denver home. I know how big, and small, this world really is and how the blend of cultures make us who we are. We all have our passions. I live to explore. Whether it be in a book, online, in my neighborhood or half way around the world, I love discovering more about this wonderful world we share.


I’m a thinker. My curiosity and desire for exploring fuels my body’s need to constantly consume, process and connect bits of information. School was always easy for me, until I started my MBA. I love management consulting because of the complex problems I get to work on, but I prefer working with clients who can’t afford to pay me. It’s a problem I’m trying to solve. I’ve been told I’m creative, good at puzzles, and full of ideas. I leverage my experiences, all of that diverse knowledge, and apply it to using business as a tool for social change. I’ll never stop thinking of different models for a better world.


I’m a guide. I’m most comfortable at the front of the line, leading the way, getting the best view. One of my very best talents is creating travel itineraries for myself or others or giving tips on getting lost. I love showing people what I’ve discovered, and luckily for them I have a propensity for finding the best kept secrets. I see the path that others miss or the combination of options that is at least most interesting. Of course I make mistakes. My first job had no soul, and it wasn’t till I quit that I learned how lost I really was. I’ve since found my niche consulting others to find their own purpose. Let me show you the way.

I'm a purpose driven consultant

I work with entrepreneurs, non profits, social enterprises and conscious companies to improve their ability to create positive impact in the world. My expertise lies at the intersection of management consulting, social sciences and creative thinking. I'm best at organizing and focusing confused organizations, being honest and straight with leaders about the things no one else will say, and coming up with fresh perspectives on old problems. You'll benefit from me loving what I do. I’ll benefit from watching you work better.


  • Establishing purpose, values and code of ethics
  • Adaptive business planning for a complex world
  • Creating shared value
  • Prioritizing and organizing everything


  • Identifying, analyzing, and understanding markets and customers
  • Creative storytelling
  • Developing and positioning your offer
  • Building growth roadmaps and action plans
  • Stealing great ideas


  • Stakeholder engagement and community development
  • Partnership alignment
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Measurement, evaluation and reporting


  • Business coaching
  • Thought leadership development
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Developing and sharing interesting ideas

Free Advice

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. Let me return the favor and learn more about you. Send me a note and I promise you two hours of my time, on the house.